Our Mission

The Student Christian League (SCL) is created to serve as an ombudsman and encourages more student involvement.  The Student Christian League (SCL) also seeks to initiate, promote, implement, and evaluate programs that will encourage spiritual and social growth in the Interdenominational Theological Center's (ITC) community.

Our Structure

The Student Christian League (SCL) formulates committees to oversee various programs and raise consciousness of the student body on important issues.  Standing committees covers areas such as chapel, publications, doctoral programs, nominations, faculty, and other academic and social committees of the Student Christian League (SCL).  The Student Christian League(SCL) may create other sub committees for various events throughout the school year.  Representatives for these committees will be selected after the elections held in the spring.

Student involvement in the Student Christian League (SCL) can make a great difference to the Interdenominational Theological Center's(ITC) community.  The Student Christian League (SCL) needs students to participate in social programs like race relations, fundraising, constitution committee, SCL Gala, Budget, Faculty, Public Relations, Election Committee, and other social programs.

Student fees are paid twice a year to fund the Student Christian League (SCL) and payment of these fees automatically entitles students to membership.

The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) Student Christian League (ITC) is a unified body in Christ devoted to equipping, empowering, and encouraging the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) community through reconciliation for the Glory of God.